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Alright so I don't think I can use lean burn, because that would require always staying in open loop or swapping all the sensors to narrowband emulators, which I'm not comfortable doing. Leaving it at stoich also means I don't need to spend tons of time tweaking ignition tables.

So the final changelist is going to be:
-Retard intake cam position at low load
-Lean out open loop fueling (it's stupidly rich, like a turbo car)
-Reduce closed loop delay
-Reduce DFCO delay
-Enable DFCO in low gears
-Reduce idle speed from 750rpm to 700rpm
-Add more EGR where appropriate

My oil change seems like it's going to be delayed, as the 2 post lift I wanted to borrow isn't available. I wanted to do the first oil change myself to witness the condition of the various bits underneath the engine, and I'll probably pay a shop to do the next one as removing the gazillion bolts is kind of annoying.

I would LOVE to put taller tires on the back, but I have brand new Michelins on here :/

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