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So when I got the car paint corrected and ceramic coated, they took off the tape I put over the oil cooler...and I lost almost 2mpg? I didn't do an ABA test, but cruise control 6th gear 60mph with the taped off oil cooler used to be 23.8mpg ish, now it's only 22mpg. Didn't get around to oil change, but I did flush my power steering fluid with Pentosin. Probably a 0.5% gain at best, but this makes me hopeful about thinner oil. I'll need to measure oil temps again, but dropping the oil to a 40 weight will hopefully get me above the taped off cooler and 10w-60.

The nut behind the wheel is of course still easily adjustable: I was pulse and gliding very diligently for 100 miles of freeway and managed to exceed 24mpg during that time, but some slower streets quickly burned through a quarter of the tank while not covering much ground. This definitely has to be an Aston Martin record lol (well, maybe not, the 7 and 8 speed transmission equipped cars probably do better thanks to having a tall cruising gear).
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