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They're talking about you over there ==>

I know where there is a 1958 GMC COE truck setting in a fence row. I asked my brother to check if it's still there. Then all that's needed is a Cadillac bumper.

When I was driving a roofing truss delivery truck (10 ton truck, 5 ton trailer) I was driving up the South Hills in Eugene when the COE cab tilted back enough that the gearshift wouldn't quite reach first gear. So I was in neutral when the brakes failed. I held the steering for a second, then I decided to spin it and jackknifed backward down the hill.

The trailer tore up some bark mulch on the left side and I drove through someone's garden on the right side. When I got to the bottom of the hill I found a pay phone (remember?) and called the boss to tell him I was taking the rest of the day off ...and someone else could retrieve his truck.
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