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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
What I find very strange is that the Pacifica can take up to 14 hours to charge despite having a tiny battery, the mathematics don’t work out.
So may battery was totally dead and it said 12 hrs 45 mins. I had to leave at about 11 hours and it was at 91% I think.

They say the level two charger drops that to just 2.5 hours. Makes me think the factory box is just pretty amp limited. It says 12 amps 1440 watts that's at 120. So if i tried to use the factory box but with a 240 adaptor would it just run the same 12 amps but then 2880 watts? That means an actual 240 charger running the full 27.5 amps is needed to do the 6600 watts.

OK, I know you guys probably get this I'm just working it out in my head.

anyway even at 1440 watts a 16,000 watt battery should fully charge in 11.1 hours but I'm sure it ramps down a couple times as it approaches 100%

I bet the 2.5 hrs at 6.6 is a bit optimistic as well, probably more like 3 to hit 100%.

Also isn't 100% charging bad? I can't seem to set other limits. Maybe what they call 100% isn't actually 100%.

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