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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
That's a little bit of a conundrum because a 40 amp breaker and wires shouldn't be used with a 50 amp receptacle, and a 30 amp receptacle is not rated high enough to charge at the full 6.6 kW your Pacifica is capable of.

You could install a 30 amp receptacle and buy an adapter to use with your stock EVSE. The stock EVSE will limit itself to 12 amps, so no risk of overloading a 30 amp circuit. You'll be limited to ~2.9 kW though instead of the full 6.6 the van is capable of. The other sucky thing is that RV hookups tend to only have NEMA 14-50 receptacles for their 240v service, so your adaptor wouldn't work there.

Alternatively you could buy an EVSE and have it hardwired to your existing 40 amp electrical run.

If it were me though... and this goes against code and would blow up 120v appliances if you connected them... I would simply wire a NEMA 5-20 receptacle to the 240v circuit and plug your EVSE into it. I'd put a red warning sign on it that says not to use the outlet because it's 240v. I'd have a fire extinguisher rated to put out electrical fires nearby in case someone still decides to disconnect your EVSE, not pay attention to the warning sign, and plug in a 120v appliance. I'd do this because it's electrically safe so long as nobody ever tries to plug a 120v device into it, and it's the cheapest since the only expense is a receptacle.

NEMA 5-20 on Amazon

Your probably the kind of guy who makes their own deadman parallel cords. LOL.

I think I'll just put in a 30 amp 240, buy the adaptor, and run the 12 amps knowing 6 hours charge is going to be fine. I'm sure I can use the 30 amp 240 for other things as well, like our camper. Even after driving back out to the dealer after work, and then home, a total of 17 miles all EV overall today, it went from 91% to 35% and shows 8 hours to recharge on the 120. That dealer is way outside of town by the airport so that's beyond any normal daily usage. Getting that 8 hours down to 4 would be pretty good. Even 12 hours isn't a deal breaker as we are normally done and home by 6pm most days, maybe 10pm once a week, and then out again no sooner than 6 am.

If anything I may want a 2nd charger so I can do 2 spots to charge as we have a split driveway and my wife prefers to park in front of the house, not in the garage. Maybe use the factory 120 up by the front door and get a 20 amp or so 240 charger for the garage if we need to turn and burn sooner.
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