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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Your assumptions are correct.

Note that preheating a plug-in (or EV) usually draws more than the 120v outlet can keep up with, so it will use a little bit of the battery in the process. Generally you need to step up to L2 if you want to avoid any battery drain during preheating.
I did remote "start" it this morning but not for very long, just as I approached it and then watched it for a minute or two to see how it acted. It did seem to be keeping up but the garage was still probably 50 degrees, not the 32 it was outside, and I didn't turn on the heated seat and steering wheel until I got in. If I remember right it was saying 5 kW was being used by the climate when I was driving to work. That would mean the 1.4 kW obviously doesn't keep up. I don't know how much the AC draws as I shut down the climate control as it was a perfect 61 this afternoon.

All this is probably academic as if my wife ends up being the primary driver on this, she will just use it like a regular minivan. She already calls it my "space" car and can't figure out why it doesn't start when you push the button. At least she says "my" meaning me, maybe she plans to keep using the old van.
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