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[QUOTE=thefirebuilds;64722]sounds fairly rough, some issue with the 2nd gear syncro, a little body rot, but comparitievely low mileage.

You can double clutch it into 2nd or simply time the shift. 145 lbs. per cyl. would be nice. The important thing is that the cylinders balance/read closely. Try a level spoonfull of graphite in the transmission...try some 140 weight also.

You might hear growling in the front axle(s) this is a wheel bearing. The Geo has two per wheel and they are tedious to change but a "do" with normal tools. Some people into bearings will have them for $13.00 each...Auto Zone is $30+ and Napa even higher. Get a seal also. Grease the boots heavily and might as well fill the steering boot with grease also.

What year? Some pawn shops have manuals for $5
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