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So I finally replaced the alternator and went to check the draw but for some reason my amp clamp won't work, I think the batteries may be dead. But either way I feel pretty confident that the draw is significant because the voltage momentarily drops below 13V when the fans come on even when driving 70 and the blower fan speed momentarily drops as well, which tells me the draw is pretty significant. And with the alternator off, forcing the fans on while driving down the highway drops the voltage by a couple tenths of a volt. I will report back when I have a number.

I finally have a solution though. What I did is I replaced the 2 position fan override switch I had with a 3 way switch so I can select off, auto, and on as I see fit instead of just on and auto. Normally the switch stays in auto (the middle), but I turn it off when on the highway. Not sure about any fuel savings, but I feel confident that the electrical load was reduced because I no longer experience that random voltage drop when driving down the highway as the AC compressor/fans come on. If anyone wants a diagram of how I did this let me know. I'm not thrilled with the solution of having a manual switch to shut the fans off since it's one more thing to think about and remember, but life goes on.
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