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Originally Posted by Natalya View Post

Holy **** you accidentally made that meme?

From another forum I’ve been told everyone who would remember the Babby meme is dead :0

Originally I had posted the text that became the meme to the techsupportguy political subforum as a response
and the moderator wigged out changing my post to the attached message.

I was having many technical issues with yahoo answers and really found the whole thing to be a joke then eventually got my nonsense posted as a question not a response as I had wanted. Yahoo answers beta was so broken I couldn’t get the tech support to work or even find my posts there but apparently the guy from something awefull did see my post anyway and the rest is history.
Stranger is they never really discussed my user name but did mention the other person often.
My guess is the meme wouldn’t have taken off if they knew the original poster wrote it as sarcasm and a joke to begin with.

memes had been around since the 90’s with
AYBABTU the first long running video meme but at that point actively promoting something like that was uncommon and not mainstreamed.

I simply didn’t think much of memes back then even though several things I wrote ended up in the urban dictionary.
At the time I wrote that up I was heavily into engrish products which may have influenced what came out.

I have never had the interest to see if anything from long ago remains to correct some of the entries.
Not sure if I would want to be infamous for what I started
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