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radiator / condenser

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
* The radiator must accommodate blockage from the air conditioning condenser when it is inoperative.
Some exceptions would be past iterations of the V-10 powered Dodge RAM pickup. These trucks had parallel radiator and condenser. Side by side.
Each was unobstructed with respect to the forward stagnation point.
The first-gen Honda CIVIC CRX HF was also configured this way. They came from Japan without AC, which was added as an option at the dealer.
For series heat exchangers, the condenser is fully exposed to the dynamic pressure of the stagnation point, however, it's flow volume in the recent past, would be governed ( or not ) by the presence ( or not ) of radiator shutters, modulating airflow, as a function of coolant temperature sensor data to the CPU portion governing shutter positioning and it's output signal.
Same for 'blower-assisted' operations.
During winter arctic conditions the shutters might never open, except to allow for compressor-assisted sub-cooling dehumidification, plus reheat, to clear away windshield condensation.
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