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Originally Posted by Autobahnschleicher View Post
The brake ballance on the Spyder should be rather close to 50/50 as it has:
1. a rear weight bias
2. a low center of gravity
3. a surprisingly long wheelbase

The load transfer should be rather low due to the low center of gravity and the long wheelbase.
When combined with the rear weight bias, a brake bias of close to 50/50 would make the most sense and can be observed in many other mid/rear engined vehicles.
Allthough I could see why Toyota would tweak it a little more front biased than ideal as the MK2 was known for a lot of oversteer in these conditions.
The engine also isn't that powerfull at 140 PS or 103 kW and the car weights about 950 kg from the factory.
What are the front and rear brake sizes?
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