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Originally Posted by COcyclist View Post
My buddy did this to his TDI and his biggest complaint is how long it takes to get heat into the cabin. .
I could see that on a stock tune, with after TDC injection.

This one got a DIY EGR delete, cutting and welding factory parts. Also tuned for more SOI, this seems to have helped the warmup, I noticed only a slightly longer warmup time after this.

Edit: I should add that it did need a clean of the VNT recently. I attribute this to the combination of a tune with stock SOI table, EGR physically disabled (which wants more SOI), lots of driving, and I guess different fuel chemistry. Hoping the car is good for a while, I actually took some out of the low rpm of the torque limiter, having injectors and hearing loud, deep roar at 1200rpm and wot.

Anyways, more stories about <2000rpm shifting? There is a lot of good evidence here already to suggest it is fine. I do believe the PD engines have stronger bottom ends that would be less prone to lugging-related failures.

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