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At this higher altitude you can advance it a few degrees and not get ping. Warm up the engine and then take it up a steep grade on a hot, high barometric pressure, dry day and floor it. Pull over every once in a while and advance it a degree or two. Don't forget to go over a range of RPMs with it floored. As soon as you hear that rattling marbles in a can sound immediately pull over and retard the timing a couple degrees. From there you should be good as long as you don't get that sound again.

A small amount of ping shouldn't hurt the engine. But it should be stopped immediately. When I advanced my car I didn't realize I had advanced it too far and was pinging upountain passes for years. I thought it was a loose piece of fender. I even drove it like that clear down to Puerto Vallarta and back over several steep roads down there at temperatures over 105⁰ at sea level and didn't ever have any engine problems. Not that I would recommend doing that, but I did get great fuel mileage. It was around 45mpg on the highway when I would measure it.
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