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Thanks for fixing my video! Summary of OP video: it’s a keynote address expounding on a 4 step call to action on Global Warming, briefly outlined here:

Sprinkled in with anecdotes from Greek mythology humorously used to good natured-ly poke fun at modern policies, as well as some space explorative studies, and specifically of our closest neighbors, Venus and Mars, and it’s related implications here on Earth.

Carl Sagan’s 4 step call to action:

1. Why not cars that get 70mpg, instead of 25.

We can do better today. Top 3 non-diesel gas cars reliably capable of 100+ mpg: 4th Gen Toyota Prius, Prius Prime, RAV4 Prime.

2. Alternative energy like solar & wind.

3. Reforestation on a grand scale.

4. Helping to bring the billion poorest people on the planet to self sufficiency, which is the key step in curbing world population growth.

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