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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Worst thing you'll do is cause a leak and then the low pressure shutoff (which works REALLY well) shuts down the A/C to prevent system damage from lack of lubricant.

If this occurs often then I suggest a different operational mode: system default is on, manual override to turn off, can be done with a cheap $5 car relay set up to latch open
Yeah creating a leak isn't something I want to do. I completely rebuilt my AC system a few years ago and I don't want to damage it. I'm not sure what pressure the high pressure cutoff activates at, but I would think it would be significantly below the maximum pressure the system can actually withstand.

My fan switch's middle position is auto with down being off and up being on. I set it up with a normally closed relay that the switch activates when off to disable the fans. The problem isn't that the system malfunctioned, I just forgot to flip the switch back to auto when I got off the highway. That's why my preference was for the system to be automatic, but it doesn't seem that there's a practical way to do that, so the switch will have to due for now until I figure something else out.

One idea I came up with is to install an indicator light that comes on when the fan switch is off somewhere I would see it like by my Scangauge to remind me that the fans are off so I hopefully don't forget to turn them back on again.
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