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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Logically it's easy to do this automatically using common stuff. Attach an A/C thermostat, preferably old style manual, and use the ac side which operates backwards: when its hot the system switches on. Bit of experimentation to do the high point setting, but a pair of needle nose pliers works wonders and it will sink 20 amps through the mercury switch and it's adjustable through 50 degrees. The other direction is the hot water heater controller on the radiator I mentioned but it's a bit insensitive and somewhat non repeatable.
Those are good suggestions. The problem is that my goal is to disable the fans based on speed (perhaps over 50 MPH or so) rather than temperature, which the car already does.

The problem I'm having is that the fans come on with the AC compressor even while driving down the highway when they aren't needed. What I would like to do is install some type of device that automatically disables the fans on the highway and allows them to operate as normal at idle and at lower speeds.

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