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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
I don't consider a more conservative approach to vehicle design as a "fragile" ego issue. You know, if some people opt for an EV as it may be a reasonable option for their operating conditions, they won't need to highlight for everyone else how "greener" they are or how morally superior they feel for going electric.
I'm as off-put as anyone by those who flaunt their green piety, but I do actually think a larger than normal portion of truck drivers are buying an image rather than actual utility.

A Corolla driver isn't going to purchase it for a macho image, or to flaunt wealth, or to have the "greenest" car, or to appear fast and flashy.

Truck drivers; they are keenly aware that women are more drawn to that image. A macho grill is part of that image. I believe a significant portion of would-be F150 purchasers would opt out if the front end were more functional and less flashy.

Of course, with the F150 name, it needs to retain a certain amount of that image or there's no point in calling it that. It certainly is a conservative approach to not offend styling preference by diverging too much... which is why ditching the faux grill is my aesthetic preference and not a mainstream one.
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