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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Please explain. I did not know the systems intermingled to any extent
The Tesla products are software driven, can receive over-the-air updates at any time, and can have a new 'dashboard' every year, as with any 'glass cockpit' environment.
Rather than rely on an outside contractor, Tesla did all the Model S software modifications in house, at their Hawthorne, California engineering headquarters.
Without knowing the particulars, it appears that the coolant pump and octo-valve can be manipulated in such a way that under extreme discharge conditions ( Track Mode ), the delta-T between motor and pack can be taken advantage of in order to dump heat off the motors and transport to the cooler and massive battery pack, thus extending the duration under which this high load condition can be maintained without any damage to the vehicle.
If you like, there are many You-Tube videos of race car drivers 'Tracking' the Model 3 at various race courses, including professional race car driver, Randy Probst, racing a modified Model 3, flat-out, up Pikes Peak. Evidently, the seven ribbon 'snakes' in the Model 3 make it impervious to unacceptable thermal excursions.
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