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What a mess ! ( Recycling EV batteries )

In summary, there are two ways to recycle EV batteries - burning them to extract any valuable materials, and extraction through a bath of acid.
Both are hazardous to both the workers and the environment.

Different manufacturers use different designs of batteries.
Tesla uses glues in their batteries that are extremely difficult to pry apart.
Nissan Leaf batteries take several hours to disassemble.

Older designs may be seen as worthless.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. has not acted on any regulatory plan for future recycling - except California.

Surprisingly, it is China that has stepped ahead with recycling of EV batteries.

Imagine how many batteries are going to need to be recycled when each one can only last 10 years.

EDIT : I imagine some will share this article as fuel for the argument that complacency is better than action.
We don't need to keep going the way we always have, but there are challenges that need to be addressed.

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