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Zemco Compucruise 44 New In Box...

I was looking for a Compucruise trip computer for my 1986 Tercel wagon, and bought out the stash of a Zemco dealer from the 80s. If you have a carbureted car, and want a trip computer for instant feedback on fuel consumption, here you go. Features include:


Elapsed Time


Trip Time


Alarm (wakeup or reminder)

Distance Traveled (miles or KM)

Distance Till Arrival (miles or KM)

Distance Till Empty (miles or KM)

Fuel Used Since Fillup (gallons or liters)

Fuel Used on Trip (gallons or liters)

Fuel to Arrival (gallons or liters)

Fuel to Empty (gallons or liters)

Current Vehicle Speed (MPH or KPH)

Average Vehicle Speed for Trip (mph or KPH)

Current Fuel Consumption (GPH or LPH)

Average Fuel Consumption for Trip (GPH or LPH)

Current Fuel Efficiency (MPG or L/100 KM)

Average Fuel Efficiency for Trip (MPG or L/100 KM)

Inside Temperature (F or C)

Outside Temperature or Coolant Temperature (F or C)

Battery Voltage (volts)

Cruise Control (digitally input speed)

Cruise Control (engage at current speed)

Cruise Control (resume)

Night Time Display Dimmer

The price is $150 plus shipping, and the kit is brand new in the box from the 80's. The kit is made for a carbureted RWD car. If you have a FWD car and need the extra sensor kit, I'll include one for an additional $5. I don't have any of the fuel injection interfaces, but from what I've read, they're not hard to build. This was one of the best aftermarket trip computers ever built, and they're getting about impossible to find brand new in the box.

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