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Actuated clutch when gas off

I was thinking today about how much a pain in the but it is to EOC in my car. Kill engine... depress clutch.... shift into nuetral .... bump start engine... repeat.... defiantly a lot of work. I was thinking that a actuator designed to depress the clutch when there is no pressure on the throttle. So instead I would let the throttle out and the clutch would activate. I then would shut down the engine. Coasting with the engine off clutch out. then when I want to "bump start it" I would just depress the throttle a little bit and actuator would release starting the engine. Of course It would have a switch to turn it off when not in use, and would take some getting use to but it would make both P&G and EOC much easier. Any thoughts. What would be some problems with this setup. Any thoughts appreciated.

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