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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
LOL, I was just going to mention that this is evidence for why cars aren't airplanes.

Don't know why the embedded time skip isn't working, but skip to 11:48

Those ultra-low rolling resistance tyres have very little lateral grip unfortunately, with a forward centre of pressure and large rear lift, in sudden changing crosswinds very high crosswind drag coefficient, 40 knot right wind and then 40 knot left wind. It is out of the hands of the driver.

The car body could be a vacuum tube solar collector with a Stirling Engine. Now that's ecomoddin'.
Why not a vacuum tube solar collector that powers a steam engine? Wouldn't that be more efficient? Steam is actually a bad choice, refrigerant is the new steam. And the team would be putting all their food in the car to cook it because it gets so hot.
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