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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
I would believe their aerodynamic theory is a bit in front of even Aerohead, or Julian. Most schools have compute power that dwarfs anything I see here. They definitely have a better manufacturing support system. But we're experienced. Hmmm.
I'm uncertain about any difference in theory. Having CFD to do the pick and shovel work is certainly an advantage ( that would cost us $ 400,000 ( US ), without data cloud models).
Scale-models are extremely expensive, cost as much as a full-scale vehicle, and can't be used for anything else, especially not for tooling.
California teams were transporting their cars all the way to North Carolina and back for full-scale wind tunnel testing at Aerodyne.
If you ignore $ 26,664 / year, for tuition, books, food, and housing, computer, software, and shop facilities are 'free.'
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