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eNV200 - '20 Nissan e-NV200

e-NV200 - '20 Nissan e-NV200
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eNV200 aero mods

Hi !

I am new to this forum, a few words about me:
French engineer working in satellites industry near Toulouse.

Recently bought an EV, Nissan eNV200 Evalia (40kwh) to drive all the family (3child) in replacement of a (too small) Toyota Yaris hybrid.

Given the car might probably hit the bottom of the best aerodynamics ranking, I decided to go on with some aero mods, to test how far I could go (and possibly make some mods permanent so that we can go see grandparents at 110km/h instead of 90km/h (400km trip) !.

Up to now, I did:
- rear wheel cover
- rear undertray and diffuser
- side mirror profiled casing

and now about to test boat tail I just completed.

I have some pics and videos from tuft testing (for rear wheel cover and side mirro profiled casing - there is also a Citroen C4 of by brother in law that we tuft tested together to see what was going on on his car), I will find out how to provide them later.

Problem is that by my side there is always wind, and no long flat road, so it is quite hard to assess drag reduction below 5%. and also I don't have long commuting trip so averaged MPG on long distance is not possible.

I got the LeafSpy Pro app and with the LE Link2 adapter I am able to retrieve 5samples/seconds logs of drawn battery power (basically, battery HV volts * amps).
What I do is processing measured battery power and GPS speed data logged by LeafSpyPro with Scilab, and I compute the experimental SCx (CdA) by removing expected rolling resistance, slope effect, wind effect from measured battery power. This allow to get rid from cruise control not being always spot on targeted speed.

I hope I will be able to test boat tail tomorrow. Will do drag reduction assessement as well as tuft testing with a camera-on-stick approach.


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