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eNV200 - '20 Nissan e-NV200

e-NV200 - '20 Nissan e-NV200
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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Thanks for the pics. They prompt some questions.

Will you seal the edges of that waferboard, if not the surface. Newer product isn't as vulnerable to moisture, but the underbody is a harsh environment.

For an example, BamZipPow's Dark Aero. He started with dimensional wood, but gradually replaced it all as it deteriorated.
yes since I took the pic, the board has been covered with varnish both sides and edges. This is OSB3 so baseline water-resistant but yes I added some additional protection.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Will the boat tail lift with the tailgate? Will it underlap the bumper to prevent a step abaft the diffuser?
for prototype: first question, no and the second, yes: in that prototype the boat tail skin front edges needs to be taped to the car body every side. However in this version, since the boat tail joins with the outer car surface it masks the braking lights, which means for a production version I will need to add some repeater lights like in some mods presented in this website.
if I go for a production version, I think I will probably make it not overlap the lights and the bumper so that it is possible to open the tailgate yes, so there would be a step, at least at lights level. but maybe that step could be radiused anyway if the skin is rigid enough (I'm thinking of building the production version using the prototype as a mould and filling some thickness of expansive polyurethane foam inside the skin)
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