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GM? Uncontrollable laughter

BwaaaaHahahahHahahahHA hahhahahhaa

Do the math...After 100,000 miles, a Chevrolet Volt will cost you much more than any high mileage gasoline car made today.

The batteries are a dream so far and will eventually be made by an outside supplier. Unproven technology. GM will not crib from Tesla out of pure GM long standing stupidity. 40 miles on a charge...laughter starts again. The gas engine will be larger than needed and the luxury items mean you will mostly use gas operation.

The car is like a brick...heavy, new-rough and will have a lot of "teething" almost all new offerings (and certainly a new offering from GM)

Lets face it...any of the American car companies could put their engineer's and designer's jobs on one year notice and have a very economical, stripped down 50 mpg automobile on the street in ONE YEAR.

Ford, GM and Chrysler have all lost money on every car sold for over a year now...please submit any additional info on this phenomena.

Any successful company would have fired all these clowns years ago. They have been suckering the American public through patronage, patriotism and heartstring appeals with chrome, poor build, low quality, luxury laden vehicles and fancy financing...America is finally waking up.

Chrysler came out with three (3) NEW (Hulllabalooooo) electric cars...yeah, right! 3 doctored over standard models with unproven technology that yield 1910 performance and awful gas them brag up these dead horses. Lots of sucker ads coming our way.

Watch Out!


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