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Originally Posted by carwaterguide View Post
Even the Water Fuel Conversion Kits - How Using Water As Fuel Helps Cut Your Gas Consumption Recently,there is increased awareness among many drivers of a technology that uses plain water tosupplement the cars' gasoline consumption. Called a water fuel conversion kit, it is a simpleadd-on to your current car engine that uses your car battery to carry out an electrolysis on water to produce Hydroxy gas (HHO). This Hydroxy gas is used to supplement the burning ofgasoline in the car's engine.You can truly get better mileage

Hydrogen generator kit for car can be better than gasoline or oil additives to raise gas mileage. When you make or do it on your own, you can save money on gas but will save lots of dollars on the kit and reproduce the system for other automobiles on your own.
Have you tried this on your vehicle? If so what was the outcome?
I have read that this is a fraud in articles but who knows if it is just dis-info from the oil companies. If anyone has tried this please tell us if and how well it worked.

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