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If I had that kind of money, I'd go to Steve's Auto Restorations.

They build Ridler Award winning cars. The 50-year-old Ridler award is interesting.
Imagine building a custom car that can take several years and thousands of hours of work, but you can't tell anyone. ... Those are the stipulations of the Don Ridler Award given every year since 1961 (and named for Ridler in 1963, after his passing), although secrecy was much easier in the past. The rules for the Ridler, sponsored by Meguiar's, are that the first public appearance has to be at the Detroit Autorama. Which also means you only have one shot to win. So yes, there's a reason that the Ridler award is billed as "the most prestigious award in the indoor custom car show industry."
it's not about the money. Last year's winner, for example, allegedly cost $2.3 million dollars to build, spread out over 16 years. There's a gallery of past winners going back to 1964 on the Autorama website to give an idea of the work and attention detail that it takes to win. You can also see the variety of cars that have received the Ridler trophy.

It's not all hot rods. The 2020 winner was a station wagon.

So, a bespoke Rolls OR a Ridler trophy?

They've had station wagons win before:

My favorite, a bubble-top coupe turned wagon (beats a Nomad) was a Great Eight semi-finalist:

What is this WSJ of which you speak?
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