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This truck has caught my eye too. I'm dreaming of a small truck in the next few years. I don't need much but seating for 4 and room for mountain bikes or kayaks. Here's kind of my thinking along those lines. Ranked from worst to best option in my eye.

5. Hybrid Maverick- great price, cool hybrid tech. My reservations are, I'm not sure this truck will last 20 years like I want. Also, I think gas stations will be rare in 20 years
4. Cybertruck- stainless steel, should last forever. Won't have to deal with gas ever again. Made in America. But, it's bigger than I want and I might need to work another year or so to afford it. I guess that is a deal breaker.
3. Keep my Chevy Cruze til it dies- this is the cheapest option but life is short and I kinda want to drive something different. The biggest benefit is a manual transmission.
2. Used Subaru Baja- fun, cheap. Will be old at this point and probably won't last 20 years. A little on the small side. Still need to deal with gas.
1. EV Maverick- should be coming out soon. Basically ticks all the boxes for me

2015 Nissan Leaf S, 164 mpge

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