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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I just think building a vehicle and marketing it as something that can out accelerate most other vehicles while spending less at the pump appeals to most consumers. Save the planet and drive slowly appeals to far fewer.

It's relatively trivial to build a fast hybrid, but we started with the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius; and that began the image of tree hugging cars that don't go very fast. Had Toyota started with a wicked fast Tundra 4x4 that gets 30 MPG, consumers would have a different perception of what it means to drive a hybrid.
I agree, the only reason someone buys a brand new vehicle that is nore fuel efficient is because that extra money is important to them. So, if an equally fuel efficient vehicle is cheaper and available, they would purchase that.

And finally, people who purchase new vehicles do not find the slowest, least stylish, and most uncomfortable vehicle as their #1 choice. They want cool, fast, and comfort which is usually mutually exclusive with fuel efficient as well as inexpensive.

Premium vehicles don't need to be inefficient for people to want to buy one.

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