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I stopped caring about 0-60 times at some point in the 90s. Now an average minivan is on par with some exotics of that time. In the 90s I started drag racing and realized 2 things, there will always be something faster and really fast on the street is a worthless quality. As for the track really fast can be built for much less than what the factory wants.

Thar said TFL truck just did a towing test up and down the Ike Gauntlet with a Hemi Ram vs the new 3.5 EcoBoost hybrid F150 and the Ram beat it 8 mpg to the hybrid's 6 mpg. They both accelerated similar, held the speed limit up the hill with over 7000 pounds in tow, but the old tech just got better mpg not that is where the hybrid was supposed to shine. You would think at the minimum the turbos would improve efficiency overall but seems again there is something to be said for no replacement for displacement.
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