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Ugh, this Ford ECU is proving very irritating to work with. Does anyone have a Mustang GT (circa 2005-2010, EEC 6) that they have experience tuning?

The DFCO is pretty stubborn, it seems like no matter what I change, it will go to 1100rpm in 6th gear and about 1700rpm in all other gears. 1700rpm in 2nd gear is about 17mph so I can't actually engine brake to stop signs very effectively as a result.

I've been able to lower the idle to 672rpm (from 750, though it seems to target 736 not 750) which seems to save a little bit of fuel while maintaining 13.6V at the alternator (plenty) and great throttle response off idle, no bogging whatsoever. Air conditioner and fans can be turned on with no bogging either. I retarded the intake cam a little at idle which seems to make it a little bit smoother, but that might just be placebo effect.

With a full battery and warm oil, I think it now idles at about 0.40gph at sea level, hopefully less on a hot day, and hopefully less after I replace the oil with thinner oil.

The car wasn't happy with my VVT changes and the ECU would shut off the engine if I pressed the acc pedal, so I'm trying some different values to see if it helps.
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