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I had a 2001 Jetta TDi with the ALH. I put 170K on it, wish I still had it. I did replace the turbo and the intake needs to be cleaned every 60k or so when you do the timing belt. I didn't have any maintence problems outside of that.

It's not toyota type maintence, where you just change the oil and put gas in it. BUT IMHO the ALH was most reliable Tdi. Don't get a BEW 2004 and up . Terrible. I had 2004 wagon, nothing but trouble, some had serious camshaft issues.

I usually got an honest 42 around town with the 2001 and I didn't hypermile, I drove it hard. On the highways at 70-75 it would get 47-48 mpg. Good torque, only 90 hp, but feels faster because of the torque.

as far as miliage in cold weather, it doesn't get very cold here. which made me think about another point. The heater is marginal, even in the mild climate in Georgia. The engine is so efficent, that it won't produce enough heat to keep the cabin warm at idle. so, if you have short, city commutes, it will never warm up. If you have longer highway commutes, it won't be a problem.

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