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Another new guy

Hi everyone. I'm Joe, and from New Jersey USA, and am an almost retired guy who works on cars for fun. I have been rehabbing cars for several decades now, and am now turning to rehabbing a 2009 Prius. I have lurked on this website for several years, and I thought I'd give myself the challenge of learning to hypermile while I own the Prius.

Since I am a rehabber by nature, I do these kinds of things:
-clean, clean, clean, clean.
-lube, oil, grease, wire brush, grease...
-wash, wax, paint as needed.
-Head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, timing belts and chains, as needed.
-water pumps, etc. as needed.
-brakes as needed.
-brake lines as needed.

So in some ways, I am in the wrong group. I tend to bring sick cars back to health rather than mod them for fuel economy.

But I finally have one that might let me get 60 mpg or more if I really try.

The Coro-plague has done a number on the Dept of Motor Vehicles, so I have a three week wait before I can get an appointment to actually put plates on my Prius. I will have to speak kindly to my baby blue Prius to let it know that is still loved so it does not up and sulk and P away my first tank of gas. My appointment is the 19th, so just a few more days!

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