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all twisted

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The micronova ejecta might follow a spherical path. S0 has reported recently on a 'kilo-nova' observed, that likely destroyed the star, but surely any planets it may have had. Our Sun has instead, recurrent micro-novae.

Entry wound of a fulgurite.

What's new lately with lightning is that the once rare ground-to-sky bolts are becoming more common. The Earth's magnetic field is all twisted.
I don't think there's any reason for concern. Paleontologists have found no evidence suggesting that life on Earth has ever been affected by magnetic anomalies, including complete polarity reversals.
Arctic bush pilots can have their radio and GPS garbled for a short time, but it all recovers. They resort to more primitive navigational tools for the duration.
Carrington events can't be predicted. Due to the necessity of redundant, 'Russian-egg' Faraday-shield EMP isolation requirements, even preppers can't really engineer their electronics to survive one, while still allowing any meaningful access to equipment.
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