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Need assistance

I'm formally asking for assistance in dealing with Julian Edgar, at the Aerodynamics Forum.
Lately, it seems as if no communication of mine goes unmet by an attack on his part. In his mind, he may think that his posts are considered within the bounds of acceptable debate etiquette. However, being on the receiving end of it, at over a year now, has pushed me to the limit.
If someone might take a look at my most recent post, about US Design Patents, the contents of what I posted, and Mr. Edgar's response, I'd appreciate it.
I've never, in my life, been spoken to in the manner Julian Edgar speaks to me.
My upbringing conditioned me to defend myself.
Facts, supporting data, tact, and diplomacy don't appear to make any difference. All is met by the same stream of characterization which I don't feel adequately represents what I do here at
While I was an honors student in college English, perhaps the world changed around me in the interim period, and it's now fashionable to loosen one's tongue in normal conversation.
Anyway, thanks in advance of any help you can offer. Sincerely, Philip Knox ( aka aerohead )

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