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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
The driver said he was on / off the throttle trying to maintain 60 mph. He said it was "either eco or boost" and he was "bouncing between 6th and 7th"

Curious - did you watch the 30 minute video?
Yes I watched it. There is a certain drama Andre try's to add, and he wants to be clever. The truck was keeping a constant speed so ge wasn't completely letting off then completely flooring it. I can imagine what it was doing was shifting up then starting to lose speed requiring more throttle which causes a downshift and then picking up speed requiring letting off, repeat. That's still on Ford for not programming it better to just hold the lower gear. On the 6 4 Hemi I referenced before it was exactly the opposite, the computer refused to downshift. Ram actually adjusted the programming just because of that TFL video. Maybe Ford will look into it now as well after their special truck unexpectedly got spanked. These kinds of tests are great IMO to shed some light that gets things changed sometimes.
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