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Created a thread so I figured I'd introduce myself

I wanted to ask a question and I'm bad at forums so I forgot to introduce myself first. Anyway, it's only by a few minutes. I like cars and driving but I'm not much of a mechanic (trying to improve). I'm technically an attorney if you're curious but I just review documents.

My main interest here is improving aerodynamics. I used to drive a 100-mile one way commute for nearly two years, during which I switched from a beautiful '03 G35 5AT to a '12 Mazda 3 Skyactiv 6MT and nearly doubled my gas mileage in the process. Looking for ways to improve it further (and maybe on other cars) brought me here. I've been up and down window shopping sports sedans, which is where my heart lies even though I can't really afford one yet; wishing the Q50 hybrid was still an option, or that I could get a Stinger with better mileage, and so on. I was very intrigued by the new 2.5t in the '22 Stinger, but then being even more realistic I decided that a PHEV is really what I want, since now my commute is non-existent and likely to only be a few miles if I do get one again. I can still only justify one car so a pure EV doesn't seem right for me right now and they seem expensive even if they maybe aren't.

Anyway it's not as though buying a car is happening for another six months minimum or more likely a year. Window shopping for cars and parts to ruin them with is just a hobby of mine. I also especially like the idea of ruining my car to make it more efficient. I just wish I was more of a fabricator. I'm always so jealous of people that just go build stuff. I know I can get the skills; I'm simply lamenting that I don't presently have them.

Probably too much text but did I mention I'm bad at forums?

Anyway, hello. My name is, in fact, Jeff.

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