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My aerodynamic car for today

I am going to post some aero cars - not every day, as the thread name implies, but whenever I feel like it. (Unlike the Random Aero Cars thread, I will always try to provide some measured data.)

All the cars are covered in my book - A Century Of Car Aerodynamics (link below).

Today's car - the 1983 Fiat Uno.

The Uno was a low-cost car made in huge numbers over 8 million were built. Most interesting from an aerodynamics perspective, it was a small hatch. The smaller the car, the harder it is to achieve a low Cd. And since a hatch will always have a large wake, with that shape we have another aerodynamic negative. But Fiat took great care to optimise the aerodynamics especially drag at a time when few manufacturers were bothering much about the aerodynamics of their cheapest cars.

Cd was 0.34 (standard car), 0.33 (economy special) and 0.30 (Turbo). Lift figures were also good - and across the whole range of yaw angles.

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