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Originally Posted by falkin42 View Post
Yes, the luxury cars are using it.
Mostly for a more favorable tax bracket in countries such as mine, or just to show off how their buyers are into the newest technologies.

I'm not terribly interested in a Volvo, personally, or anything else that's that expensive simply because of a badge.
Volvo is still often praised for its safety features, but its recent models became too bland. Even a Lexus may look more attractive sometimes.

I'd still do a 330e but because it has the driveline I want, not because it's a BMW.
Of course. Well, even though BMW is not so strict into RWD as it used to be, its range is still quite interesting.

I actually sometimes give them even less credit in my head because then I'd be driving a luxury car and that's not really who I am. Things like intangible quality or the "dealership experience" are completely irrelevant to me. I buy products, not brands.
Sometimes a luxury car may catch my attention, more specifically to some key features than to the whole "experience".

My new crush is the Rav4 Prime, but they're so big. I've been thinking about dropping one on air to take out a few inches but I'm used to cars so even the seating position will be strange. Despite being a "compact" crossover/suv it's too tall.
I drove some SUVs, and their feeling is more comparable to a commercial truck even for some front-wheel drive ones. Whenever the handling of an SUV may be praised as "car-like", it's not the same at all.
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