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Hello all,

I already created some threads: especially because I wanted to share, that I discovered that running my Suzuki Celerio on Shell V-Power actually makes the car run even more fuel efficient. I'm married and have a 7 months old daughter.

About 3.5 years ago I bought a used Suzuki Celerio from 2015 because, I wanted a practical and fuel efficient car. Driving in the Netherlands is really expensive, so I wanted to keep monthly costs and fuel costs low.

One reason being, I just have a ****ty job like many: so I don't earn that much money, to sponsor the fuel stations on a regular base. So in order to save money, I decided to start driving as fuel efficient. At first so that the money I save, can use for the maintenance.

But now I just do it, because I find it not worth to waste fuel while in many cases the time you win is small. So my latest record is 3,16L/100KM with the V-Power from Shell Belgium. Which is 74,43 mpg in USA standards.

That's even more fuel efficient, than what the manufacturer has put down as the official fuel usage. Of course it's only archieved, by hypermiling and annoying supposedly rich car owners.... because even when I drive the speed limit: still the BMW's, Volkswagen Golf/Polo's, Audi, Volvo etc keep tailgating

Fuel prices in the Netherlands have reached 2 a litre at some fuel stations, so it doesn't make sense to me why people still keep driving like idiots. Although I realise, that's what they think of people like me who do hypermiling

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