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Originally Posted by funkhoss View Post
I pulse and glide with engine-off coasting 100% of the time.

Depending on the power of the engine (i.e., whether I'm driving our "little car" or our "big car"), and depending the length and slope of the uphill, the pulse might last for the entire length of the hill, or it might be a long pulse with a short glide (relatively, compared to pulses and glides on level ground).

Basically, whenever I'm driving, the engine is in one of two states. Either the engine is running, in closed loop (to avoid power enrichment) with the MAP at 90-100 kPa ("wide open"), or it's off. Whatever it takes to keep the engine in one of those two states...that's what I do.

Thanks! I try different strategy, accelerate with almost full throttle, and with just a slightly touch of the gas pedal. How you did it? Did you ever compare?

My personal record is now 5,1 l/100 km E10, but without switching off the engine. Overall speed: 72 km/h over 97 kms.
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