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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Hi, Zunigrijje -

Your Celerio is like this one?

Are you happy with the car? What were you driving before?

I'm envious of your 1.0L engine! The smallest engine we can get in North America these days is 1.2L (not counting range extenders in an EV).

The current Mitsubishi Mirage offered both the 1.2L and 1.0L engine options in Europe & Japan, but we'll never see the more efficient engine here.
Yes like that one, only mine was made in Thailand and not in India or Pakistan. Also it features a more fuel efficient engine, it's called K10C and that's basically a fine tuned K10B engine which was the standard engine in countries like Germany.

Because the Netherlands has a very strict tax system, when it comes to polution: so the more fuel efficient an engine is on paper, the less CO2 it emits and that means it will cost less tax.

I'm very satisfied about the Suzuki Celerio, only times I wasn't didn't really have to do anything with the car. But the fact a young Volkswagen driver, crashed in my car while it was parked. That was a bit of dramatic shock for me, even though the other party insurance paid it.

And recently the airco broke down, but this has been the only repair it needs in the last 3.5 year I own the car and I have driven 60.000km and now the mileage is 95.000km totally. The car turned in may 6 years old.

So yes quite happy with it, because it has turned out to be a reliable car: the airco broke, because of the condensor being hit by a stone. Could have happened with any car... just a bit sad, that it going cost me about € 465 totally

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