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This thread brings back memories about my misspent youth in a brand-new, just-introduced 1961 Corvair that I drove in my senior year of high school.

If Ralph Nader had been right about the Corvair being "dangerous at any speed", I'd be the guy they talk about at reunions who didn't make it past the '61 senior prom due to the big crash that night. Instead, the little Corvair handled very well despite my crazy Phil-Hill-wannabe driving.

I don't remember what type of mileage I got in that little Corvair 60 years ago, probably because I usually had the odometer disconnected so I could fool my parents that I honored their demands that I wouldn't go out of town on dates. My mom checked the odometer in an unsuccessful attempt to keep me honest, and you can't figure fuel mileage without knowing how far you drove :=)

Ah, the memories.
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