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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Thank goodness the Mirage at least has rear drums!
Even though discs are often perceived as more prestigious, sometimes a drum brake can be actually better suited to the task if correctly-sized. Did you notice some vehicles fitted with drums all-around have all of them with the very same diameter, while versions fitted with front disc brakes often get the discs with a larger diameter than a drum would have? That's the case of some motorcycles in Brazil.

On a sidenote, in '84 the VW Beetle got front disc brakes in Brazil, yet it would be phased out in '86 to get local production resumed from late-'93 to mid-'96, while in Mexico the front disc brakes were introduced in '94, turned standard in '95, yet from '96 to '99 a no-frills version was available with drums all-around once again.
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