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Oregon Coast Bridges

Modern Marvels: Construction of the Pacific Coast Highway (S10, E1) | Full Episode

At 26:03 It gets onto the history of the bridges on the Oregon Coast. Through California it's as much about the highway as the bridges. Oregon is all bridges, Washingon is sorta pointed toward. The bridge at Astoria dwarfs the Golden Gate for overall length. It's amazing to me that the whole bridge bears on four hinge pins.

Anyway, I've driven these bridges. They were built from South to North between 1932 and 1962; designed by Conde_McCullough in various (Roman, Gothic, Art Deco) styles.

Unfortunately, the bridges at Waldport and Newport suffered from spalling in the 1980s, and the bridge at Waldport was pulled down and replaced by a modern design.

By the time it came for the Newport bridge, the concrete industry had extorted his marine electro-deposition patent from Wolf Hilbertz, and rebranded as cathodic protection, it was used to heal the Newport bridge.

Now, according to the 'Bio-rock' patents have expired. Maybe my plans for a semi-submersible houseboat can proceed?

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