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FWIW our ‘14 Town and Country has been pretty reliable. Has a small oil leak and I had to replace the thermostat, but otherwise defies the Mopar reputation for being an utter reliability cash fire.

If I have to search for complaints, it’s that the trans seems to get flustered on low-speed throttle applications, the power doors are so slow that I see my life passing before my eyes, and most seriously, it doesn’t really like anything above 65mph. Below that it’s a sumptuous all-day-comfortable cruiser with a long wheelbase, cushy ride, and nice seats, but it seems to get nervous and wants to wander at modern highway speeds; maybe because it still has some K-car roots?

As far as fuel goes, it’ll depend very heavily on what kind of driving you do. It’s not hard to run 13-17mpg tanks when you’re mostly using it to run the kids to school and go shopping, but on the freeway it’s easily capable of 30+ mpg; Harrisburg to DC was a 36mpg affair, and from where I live to Rochester NY was still around 30mpg, not bad for a 4700lb brick.

The interior is nice to look at, but isn’t 100% on its ergonomics, and it’s not hard to find crappy plastics. The steering wheel is nice with a really soft leather wrap around a suitably chunky rim, and the gauges are downright artful. Its 3.6l Pentastar is a refined and perky motivator, and I’d count it as a distinct credit to the van.

Once you experience stow’n’go seats,’ll feel stupid for even looking at another van.

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