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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I like how the photo from jakobnev shows the curve on that spat following the entire contour of the wheel well opening at the bottom. That's interesting. The spats used to be short little things. That rounded section in front must be doing some interesting stuff with the flow to the inside of that tire.
Tesla does the same thing.
The profile of the hour-glass wheel- house may dictate how this area is treated.
On the SolarWorld GT, the leading edge of this opening was just tangent to the body centerline, and they simply used a section of aluminum angle as a 'taco' fairing to get the flow to 'jump' ( upside down ) this wheel-flop void, then reattach once behind it.
Honda's strategy for their 'Dream' solar racers, was to mount the front wheels to an articulated 'lazy-susan' turntable which became a suspension component.
It didn't matter the wheel orientation, there was never any wheelhouse opening to create turbulence under there. Really elegant !
BamZipPow used this technology on his single-wheeled Dark Aero project. Smart!
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