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CNG is still widely used in my country, even though its prices are not so much favorable as they used to be in other times. Even though the conversion businesses are quite tightly regulated, mostly concerning safety standards, sometimes I still see converted cars with a clearly outdated hardware meant for older models, leading to a much higher performance loss and decreasing potential fuel savings. Regarding sequential port-injection engines to which most conversions are done nowadays, as CNG has a higher resistence to knock, it's not unusual to see some with an excessively lean AFR, leading to power losses and overheating nearly to the same extent that would happen with a throttle-body CNG fumigation.

Most of my driving experiences with vehicles converted to CNG was on Pontiac Trans Sport minivans, one with the 3.8L MPFI and other with the 3.1L TBI engines, and a local derivative of the Opel Corsa B with the TBI version of the 1.6L engine formerly available in the United States as the Vortec 1600 industrial engine, all fitted with a fumigation CNG system.
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