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It would seem that on my Civic, ram air at 35-40 MPH is totally adequate for engine cooling even under a sustained heavy load. When I towed my other Civic home through the mountains yesterday, I intentionally left the fans off on the highway to see how well it would cool under load with just ram air. Usually the coolant temp didn't increase at all while climbing, the hottest it got was 193 with an oil temp of 199 and that was towing up 3 miles of constant 6% grade in 2nd gear at 35-40 MPH with the fans off in 90+ degree weather, which is outstanding in my opinion.

So while I can not say that running the fans at those speeds doesn't increase airflow at all, I can say that it cooled great with just ram air at 35-40 MPH under the worst case scenario my car (and most other Civics) will ever see. I do use my Civic for towing occasionally, but not usually much over 1K lbs and it's reasonably flat here in the Memphis area so that type of usage is not at all the norm for this car.
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